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Island Herbs

Island Herbs

Island Herbs will be closed from
15 November, 2019 through 5 April, 2020.

As of April 2020, Ryan Drum will transfer his herb orders to Kristy Bredin/Mermaid Botanicals.
Kristy is an experienced wildcrafter and herbalist living in the San Juan Islands. She has worked with Dr. Drum since 2012.
For inquiries, herb orders, and more information about Kristy and her work, visit Mermaid Botanicals.

For seaweed (Kombu, Bull Kelp, Fucus) orders, please visit BCKelp.com or email BCKelp@bckelp.com.

Dr. Drum remains available for teaching classes, wild plant walks, low tide beach walks and excursions through September, 2020.

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